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Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the agreement between Binary Matrix BD (referred to as "Binary Matrix BD") and the subscriber.


  1. The subscriber is required to furnish necessary documents and information to establish their identification, legal status, and business capacity. Binary Matrix BD reserves the right to examine such documents.

    In the event that the subscriber provides false information, whether on the subscription form or any other document, Binary Matrix BD retains the right to temporarily disconnect, suspend, or terminate services.

     If there are any changes to the previously provided information, the subscriber must promptly notify Binary Matrix BD. Failure to do so may result in the suspension or termination of services at the sole discretion of Binary Matrix BD.

  2. Both parties commit to maintaining the confidentiality of any information marked as confidential when received from the other party. Such information may only be disclosed if it is already publicly available, already known to the receiving party without breaching this agreement, or if required by law.

  3. Binary Matrix BD exclusively retains the title and ownership of the connection and equipment provided to the subscriber.

  4. Binary Matrix BD agrees to provide services to the subscriber within the agreed-upon timeline. However, in the event of any support delays, Binary Matrix BD will promptly notify the subscriber to the best of its ability.

  5. Our internet packages adhere to a 1:8 contention ratio policy, ensuring efficient utilization of the network and optimal resource allocation for our esteemed customers.

    This means that the available bandwidth may be shared among a maximum of eight users simultaneously, promoting fair and effective bandwidth distribution. For instance, a 40 Mbps package with a 1:8 contention ratio may result in download speeds of approximately 5 Mbps.